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What's New(s)?
Please check back often to stay up-to-date with our current Newsletter and what's happening to support crime awareness in the Cochrane, Foothills, West Airdrie areas of south-central Alberta.

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News Highlights

  • WATCH THIS FRAUD VIDEO - Take care to avoid becoming a fraud victim.

    a reminder, all hunters need to have the permission of the land owner or leaseholder in order to hunt on private or leased Crown lands. Here is an example form that a landowner can require to be filled out by hunters seeking permission to access lands to hunt. Please ensure you have obtained written permission beforehand.

  • CFPA ELECTIONS AND EXECUTIVE APPOINTMENTS - Our AGM held on November 10, 2021 via Zoom resulted in the election of the following Directors for one-year terms: Rosemary Lindsay, Samanntha Wright, Howard Hawkwood, Bob Bleaney, D'Arcy Boardman, and Jarad Serviss. Paul Clark and Martyn Griggs were appointed as auditors. Draft Minutes of the AGM will be posted on our Members Only page shortly.

    Executive appointments for 2021/2022 are: President - Rosemary Lindsay; Vice President - Jarad Serviss; Secretary - Samanntha Wright; Treasurer - Bob Bleaney.

    Thanks to all for their volunteer service towards reducing rural crime.

  • FRAUD ALERT - Institutions such as banks, government agencies, the police or credit card companies have a lot of authority. Fraudsters take advantage of that influence to get you to send them money or give out your personal information. Reports of impersonation scams have almost doubled in the last year and are sure to continue to grow. Learn more about scams by clicking our That's Not the Bank or the Government on the Other End of the Line article.

  • RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS MONITORING - The RCMP is requesting vigilance regarding potential vandalism of Alberta Residential Schools. Message to COP Volunteers | Map of Residential Schools in Canada

  • BE "BEAR SMART" - Here is a recent Cochrane article regarding bear safety concerns - keep aware and stay safe! Cochrane Now article.

  • Alberta RCMP provide crime prevention tips to protect properties this spring

  • RAPID Response program initiated - On April 1, 140 Fish and Wildlife Officers across Alberta become part of a new initiative to combat rural crime and protect Albertans: RAPID Response.

    Under RAPID Response, Alberta's Fish and Wildlife officers are now available to help the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Alberta answer emergency and high-priority calls when requested. This means Fish and Wildlife officers are now able to respond to requests from the RCMP to be first at the scene of an emergency in cases where they are closer than the police. Fish and Wildlife officers will also respond to RCMP requests for backup, which could involve helping the police locate suspects or preserve a crime scene.

    RAPID Response is a new function for Fish and Wildlife officers - it's not a new organization. The core mandate of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Services remains conservation law enforcement. On most days, Fish and Wildlife officers will spend their time solely on their regular duties.

    RAPID Response currently covers most areas of rural Alberta policed by the RCMP. The provincial government is also holding a series of meetings with First Nations and Métis leaders to determine their interest and earn their support before expanding RAPID Response to their communities.

  • Trace™ Pen/Signage Project - Trace™ Pens and basic RCW Member signage is now available to current CFPA Members for free! See details on the Member's Only page. Thanks again to Rocky View County for their funding support for this project.

  • Membership Renewal - Membership is $20/year and payment may be made directly to our autodeposit account at, or by cheque in the mail. Please fill in and submit the Membership Renewal form is available here to

  • Check out the RCMP Crime Map on our Resources page to monitor reported crimes in our CFPA jurisdiction. The map is maintained by the RCMP and shows crime activity over the last month or so.

  • Alberta RCMP launches online crime reporting across the province - a new online crime reporting initiative has been launched that allows Albertans to report select property crimes on-line. The direct link to report a crime online can be found here. We have also added a new "button" above on this web page to provide a direct link to the app on an ongoing basis. Please take the opportunity to check it out. The RCMP's announcement of this online reporting tool including the criteria for reporting is available at this link.

  • Members Only Page - Click on our new Members's Only & Reporter link to access our new Member's Only materials and Reporter. You will be directed to a log-in portal which, upon entry of your current ID and Password, will open both the "Member Only" materials and the "Reporter" tool.

Call if you can.  Text if you can't.  We are a 9-1-1 community.

Click here to notify Rocky View County about bylaw infractions, lost animals, unsightly premises, traffic-related concerns, or other issues related to bylaw enforcement.

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Alberta Rural Crime Watch Association promotes, involves, and identifies needs surrounding crime prevention. Kids Help Phone is Canada's only national 24-hour, bilingual and anonymous phone counselling, web counselling and referral service for children and youth. To report suspected poaching, call the toll free Report A Poacher line at 1-800-642-3800. The line can also be used for emergencies involving wildlife. If you have information about any crime, and you want to remain anonymous, you can send a tip to Click here.
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