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In response to Member concerns and identified gaps in rural crime prevention, the CFPA developed a reporting tool we call "Reporter". The initial prototype version of "Reporter" was launched at the CFPA AGM in April 2018.

Click here to see a sample of what the Reporter map looks like, showing incident locations and one info box relating to an incident.Before we introduced the Reporter, non-emergency incidents could only be reported to authorities via phone or email, and this information was not readily accessible to our Members. A new approach to reporting and documenting incidents was needed.

Thus, the Reporter was created.

The Reporter is accessible online for Members to report suspicious vehicles, criminal activities, or anything that is concerning to you whenever observed, and allow the sharing of this information with fellow Members.

Membership has privileges.
All Members of CFPA have exclusive and free access to the Reporter App.

This Reporter tool will work with any device that has a relatively modern web browser. This includes most desktop and laptop computers as well as most brands of smart phone, tablet, and other portable devices, and even some TVs and household appliances. If you have a device that runs a relatively modern web browser, you will be able to use the Reporter.

Upon logging into the Reporter, a Member will be able to:

  • document emergency or non-emergency incidents - tagged geospatially with GPS co-ordinates
  • view any incidents that have been reported by fellow Members from an areal map perspective within a specified date range

All incidents are displayed on a satellite map (via Google Maps), as well as viewable as a list of incidents. Full incident details can be displayed on further navigation. In recognition that crime knows no boundaries, there is no real limitation to where incidents can be reported as occurring. If the location has a GPS co-ordinate, it can be reported and displayed with the Reporter.

NOTE: The "Reporter" is NOT intended to replace the use of 911 or non-emergency reporting to the RCMP

The Reporter does not directly forward incident reports to responders such as RCMP or County services. All crime related incidents should be directly reported to the RCMP before documenting in the Reporter.

Use of the Reporter will facilitate sharing of incidents with all our Members - increasing awareness of crime trends in our region.

Remember, we are all the "eyes and ears" in our respective communities, and the better we share information about what's happening, the harder it becomes for criminals to take advantage of rural communities.

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